Advent Calendars Under £30!

Hey lovelies! One of my favourite things about Christmas is the food obviously, but my other favourite thing is the advent calendars. I’ve always loved the look of higher end ones but unfortunately i just can’t afford that. This is a bit more realistic to me so here’s a few advents calendars that are under £30!


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My dream bedroom

My dream bedroom.png

I can’t wait until the day I finally move out, I can decorate my home as I want it and I know I’d be able to make it all super cosy. I always want my bedroom to be a peaceful place where I feel calm and can obviously relax. I’ve been browsing on a few websites and I’ve found some beautiful pieces i’d love to have in my bedroom! If you want me to do one of these posts for a different room, just let me know! I absolutely love posts like these!

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A small haul! 

I finally bought myself a few items I wanted straight away. We ended up spending nearly £25 in poundworld. That’s terrible for me 😂🙈.

I managed to find some really nice goodies though and since it’s all at a cheap price, you can’t go wrong!


This was the very first thing I picked up. I’ve tried the ‘I love’ products once before as it was a Christmas gift but this was even better. Continue reading