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Wish List: Boohoo

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I love the look of Boohoo clothes, I’ve never been able to buy from there (which i’m still miserable about) but here’s a few items from the website i’d love to one day own!

I absolutely love the look of the patch denim dungaree shorts. I love dungarees in general, but I’ve never owned clothes with patches on!

The slim fit dungarees are another favourite. I’m just obsessed with dungarees right now.


I love jackets like this! I was looking for a while, and then i found the  MA1 bomber jacket. It just looks perfect for everyday wear!

The first top is the sun and moon crop. I’ve always loved stuff with the sun and moon on it, and as soon as i saw this.. well i fell in love!


I’ve only ever owned one pair of boyfriend jeans in my life, but they we’re a favourite! I saw these and knew they were perfect! Again it’s something about the patches..


The last thing I’m dreaming about is this quilted purse. My favourite is the pink one, it’s just super cute.

Have you ever ordered anything from Boohoo? Let me know how your experience was!

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panda xxx





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