Lash Xtend mascara


Lengthening mascara with precision wand for dramatic lash building effect

I’m a sucker for budget make up, and this actually turned out to be a favourite mascara of mine. I can’t actually find it on the website now, but i only paid around £3 for it.


This has become my everyday mascara, It does lengthen my eyelashes, but it doesn’t have a ‘wow’ factor. It is only three pound though, so I can’t complain to much for the price.



I picked it up in Black and it really is black. It lasts all day – even in the warmer weather!

It also doesn’t clump my lashes, so I can’t really ask for more.

I mainly picked this up just because of the packaging. It’s purple with pink and white writing and i think it looks quite pretty!


Have you ever tried any of George’ make up?

Whats your favourite budget mascara?


thanks for reading

Panda xo


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2 thoughts on “Lash Xtend mascara

  1. beccykiernan says:

    I’ve never tried this mascara but I like the look of the wand. Whilst I try tons of mascaras budget and high end, I always end up going back to MAC. I wish I didn’t because of the price but no other mascara makes my lashes look like MAC does.

    Lovely read!

    Beccy Kiernan
    Blogger at


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