Superstay 24 Color

#240 – Plum Seduction

When I found this in Superdrug, I knew I had to pick it up! I absolutely love the colour not sure if it suits me though. 

I only paid £9.99 for this and i thought that was reasonable.



It doesn’t feel heavy on your lips, but it does not come off easy! I’ve attempted to remove it three times, but it has stained my lips for a little bit.


How to apply

Step 1) Apply liquid lip color to clean, bare lips

Step 2) Allow 2 minutes to dry, then apply the balm.

Step 3) Reapply balm as needed.

Step 4) Remove with makeup remover.


The colour doesn’t leave any residue on the balm which I’m super happy about. I did find that i did lose some colour throughout the day but nothing major. There’s a very good chance i should have used the balm more often.

I’d definitely repurchase this liquid lip as some of the other colours look so nice! i really am gutted i only picked up one of these.




Have you ever tried any of these? Any other Maybelline products you’d recommend?

thanks for reading

Panda xo


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