General wishlist| July ’17.

I’m always on my phone, I’m constantly looking at different sites and I stumbled across a few items I’d love to own eventually. I’m thinking of doing monthly wish lists on various things, so let me know what you think!


contour and more cosmetics.

 The mermaid foundation brush – £10  is first up! I love the look of the Aqua and the Rose gold one (obviously). It’s also a cruelty free brand, so even better!

Next up is the Ultra matte liquid lipstick – £16. I personally would pick the shade ‘Cherry Crumble’. I prefer the look of darker colours and i need to start wearing lip products! They have samples of all the colours on the website!





I keep seeing people with a b&m light box – £7.99 and I love the look of them! I can’t wait until payday and hopefully I’ll be able to get myself one.  I love b&m, especially for the decorative stuff!

I decided to start looking at ikea and I found these art cards and I found the perfect photo frame for them! The cards are only £1.50 for eight and the frame is £1.25.




I already have two of these glasses, along with the taller version which costs 90p. The smaller glass is 75p and i constantly use mine.

I started browsing on Wilko and i found a three pack canvas set. They only cost six pound which I’d say is a bargain!

The last thing is a jewelry dish, but i think this would be a nice prop also. It’s pineapple printed & it’s all of £1.50







That’s all for now.. Again let me know how you feel about this becoming a monthly post!

thanks for reading

Panda xo





8 thoughts on “General wishlist| July ’17.

  1. hayleyxmartin says:

    I would love to see a frequent wishlist post – I need inspiration and I always seem to miss trends. for example – I really want some marble accessories for photo props and NO ONE SELLS THEM ANYMORE hahaha!! I am a nightmare

    hayley //


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