W7 Contour Stick – Review


Hey lovelies, I recently purchased this contour stick by W7. I have never contoured in my life and I finally found something that I actually wanted to use. I found this in pound-world for £2.50 and figured it was worth trying.

I picked up the shade ‘Fair’ since that’s the lightest shade it comes in. I found it really easy to work with and the contour blended in nicely with a beauty blender. The highlighter for this one is ‘Ivory’ which i find suits my skin perfectly!


Unfortunately the highlighter in my one is broke, so you have to be very careful when you’re using it, but for the price I’m not to bothered. It stayed put all day which I was happy about – with and without setting spray!


Here’s two photos with natural lighting and without editing. The box also included a guide of where to put both products which for a newbie like me was very helpful! In all I’m very happy with it! It’s become a part of my everyday routine!


Have you ever tried any W7 products? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading

Panda xo


31 thoughts on “W7 Contour Stick – Review

  1. Alice says:

    Nice review! I’ve only ever used one W7 eyeshadow palette before and it was okay for the price, but a similar issue that because it was cheap the packaging broke! I think their products are great dupes for other things and are worth it for just trying out different things before committing to buying a more expensive product!

    Alice x | http://www.invocati.co.uk

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  2. abbeylouisarose says:

    Truth be told, I’ve never contoured in my life haha! This is why I could never be a beauty blogger! This product seems like a great one for newbies like me and you, easy to use and inexpensive too! The pigmentation looks great! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Abbey 🌸 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk


  3. Liz Brannan says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever tried w7, I’ve hardly heard about them but that contour stick looks so good! I’m like you, a newbie to contouring so this sounds a great prouduct. Loved the review as well!
    Liz x


  4. Rachel says:

    Oo this product looks great, especially for £2.50! I use to contour but I can’t really be bothered anymore, just add some bronzer and I’m good to go aha x


  5. Amy says:

    I’ve never tried this brand before, read quite a bit about it though – they seem pretty good for the price! I’ve never contoured before either so it’s good to see a product that isn’t too expensive that can do a really nice job to try it out! 🙂 great review xx


  6. Lauren Curr says:

    That’s so good! I don’t contour much myself and have always wanted to but things are so expensive! It’s deffo worth a try. Also thank you for mentioning pound world because I’ve always been skeptical to try their make up but I’ll take your good word


  7. Tracy Hennessy (@MissTsTwittter) says:

    I think every piece of makeup I own is W7. Why buy the big brands when you get really good quality so cheap I say. Really nice review, I must check this out now as it really seems easy to use and a simple way to do the extreme surgeon skilled contouring I see everywhere else.


  8. PopularIsWrong says:

    I’m also a no0b and this review helped. I’m personally scared of cosmetics from discount shops. I suppose branded stuff is fine though, sounds like a bargain! I did try w7 eyeshadows before and they were… cheap.


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