My dream bedroom

My dream bedroom.png

I can’t wait until the day I finally move out, I can decorate my home as I want it and I know I’d be able to make it all super cosy. I always want my bedroom to be a peaceful place where I feel calm and can obviously relax. I’ve been browsing on a few websites and I’ve found some beautiful pieces i’d love to have in my bedroom! If you want me to do one of these posts for a different room, just let me know! I absolutely love posts like these!

I really love going to Ikea, seeing the ‘rooms’ they have set up and getting so much inspiration from seeing all the items! In a perfect world, my furniture would all be from ikea so lets just get into it.

I love the look of Ottoman beds since this would be a perfect place to put clean bedding and the sets together! I love my bed to be covered in blankets and throws and this throw looks so thick and comfy! I also love cushions on a bed, I guess I’m very into the presentation of the bed!


So it looks like I really like white furniture. I’ve wanted the unit for as long as I can remember, I’d be able to have things much more organised if I ever manage to get my hands on it.

I desperately need a new wardrobe, mine have been moved around so much the backs have come off and they are essentially useless now.  I’ve never owned a dressing table in my life but I’ve always loved how they look! I’d finally have somewhere safe to put my makeup and it’d look lovely in a bedroom!

LookHuman is a website i absolutely love. They do blankets, posters, phone cases and so much more. I wish I could afford everything on their site.

I love having low lights on in the house, and these are perfect in the night. I’ve bought so many light sets in primark and I’m never let down.  I love this tealight holder in the shape of a swan! I just love little things like this! Of course some fake flowers we’re gonna make it into this post. There’s no effort and they look very nice in photos, win-win!

I wish you could order online with Primark, I can always find so many things I want online, but in the actual store I find it a bit hit or miss. I’m obsessed with looking at Primarks homeware, Can i just have everything pls?!


Whats your favourite place to pick up homeware items? let me know in the comments!

thanks for reading

Panda xo




5 thoughts on “My dream bedroom

  1. gingersnapps says:

    I love going to IKEA and seeing all the rooms! Me and my boyfriend go there when we can. My bed is also covered in blankets and cushions, it looks so inviting and cosy! I’d love to have a really nice bedroom with white furniture, unfortunately most of our furniture is built in and we can’t do a lot with the small space 😟 Hopefully we will have a house soon and a bigger space to live in! X


  2. Britney says:

    I love blankets as well. The one in the photo looks so comfy. I have more throw blankets than I know what to do with. lol I love the coziness of my room, but I do wish to have my own place someday so I can decorate more than just one room.


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