Get to know me



  1. I’m currently 20 years old, I’ll hit 21 on the 21st of February.
  2. I’ve always grown up around cats. Over the years we’ve owned seven cats in total.
  3. I left school a lot earlier than i should of. I attended the first week of year 8 and never returned. The school didn’t do anything about it either.
  4. Luckily that didn’t alter my chances at getting into college. I studied motor vehicles the first time and then i moved onto catering.
  5. I’ve only moved houses eight times in my life. We’ve stayed in our current house for 7 years now so i guess that’s an achievement.
  6. As a child i watched the wizard of oz every day, I can’t stand the film anymore.
  7. I don’t drink alcohol anymore. I went through a ‘binge drinking’ phase and it ended up putting me off alcohol.
  8. I dyed my hair pink at thirteen, It never went so bright after that first time.
  9. I got my ‘snakebites’ at thirteen, and my septum pierced when i was fourteen.
  10. I’ve had my septum piercing for six years… I’m honestly surprised  at how long it’s been.
  11. I have one tattoo. I had it done a few days after my eighteenth birthday and it’s a cover up. I now have a curved feather with birds instead of a terrible and slanted ‘nan’.
  12. As beautiful as they are, I really don’t like butterflies.
  13. Horror films are my favourite. I tend to go more towards paranormal and psychological horrors.
  14. I created a blog a few years ago, but deleted it after three days as i wasn’t at all happy with it.
  15. I’ve only ever been abroad twice! I’ve been to spain where we ended up on a day trip to Barcelona and it was absolutely beautiful. I’ve also been to Disneyland Paris, but before we came home we spent two hours in Paris. I just wish we went when I was a bit older just so I could really take in the beauty of it all.
  16. I’m right handed. Anything i do with my left hand comes out terrible.
  17. I was always terrified of dogs. It’s only within the last two years i’m getting better with them.
  18. My all time favourite band is Tokio Hotel. I wish they still did their songs in German as that’s personally my favourite.
  19. My favourite perfume is the Jimmy Choo one. I bought my first bottle in January and i just love it.
  20. I’ve had 9 piercings in total. I only have four now though!