I got nominated for the Liebster Award

 The Liebster Award.png

I started this blog in March, Its crazy to think that was only four months ago! The blogging community is so lovely and everyone has been so supportive.

I’d like to thank the lovely Lisa for nominating me, you can find her post here. You should also check out her twitter! At the end of this, i’ll be nominating some bloggers to also do this! if they want

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Went for a walk!


We’ve had such nice weather lately, I didn’t wanna miss anymore by sitting inside all day! We decided to go for a walk up to Devil’s Quarry for something to do.

The only bad point was we completely forgot to take a drink and got somewhat dehydrated.

I’ve never actually been right up to devils quarry before, and wow the drop was a tad.. high!

I do love walking up here, and I can’t wait to go else where in the next few weeks!

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